Wolf in Dreams

Seeing a wolf in your dream represents power and pack leadership through assertive actions. You have the ability to thrive in the toughest of situations and others depend on your expert services. Enemies fear your fangs and are rarely a match when they fight directly with you. Always coming away bloodied in battle, your opponents … Continue reading “Wolf in Dreams”

Werewolf in Dreams

Dreaming of a werewolf means you desire a supernatural power to protect yourself when threatened. This can also result in an uncontrollable destructive force that harms the host as well because of its berserk characteristics. Learn to control the furry beast within and you will thrive in difficult situations. The werewolf also provides for exceptional … Continue reading “Werewolf in Dreams”

Red Wolf in Dreams

Dreaming of a red wolf means you are fierce and determined at attaining your goals. Anyone who has tried to keep you grounded meets your growl and backs down from the confrontation. The red wolf bestows your ancestral spirits upon you to help you along the way of greatness. To solidify the relationship between you … Continue reading “Red Wolf in Dreams”